VCSU Compliance Plan


Several methods have been developed to help educate the campus community including faculty, staff and students regarding copyright infringement. Email is sent and web sites post information regarding peer-to-peer (P2P) use and copyright infringement. During annual orientation sessions, videos and powerpoints are shown that discuss copyright infringement, the DMCA and the responsible use of P2P software.

Technology-based deterrents used by VCSU

VCSU follows a vigorous formal, documented, and established procedure of accepting and responding to DMCA notices.

All network addressable devices must be registered with VCSU's Network Services Department before the device is allowed access the the network. The registration process occurs prior to the beginning of each semester and captures the username and MAC address of the device for identification purposes.

Annual Review

Beginning in 2011, the VCSU Information Technology Security Officer and Chief Information Officer will review the effectiveness of the ongoing effort to promote legal use of copyrighted materials on a yearly basis and consider improvements. The volume of DMCA notices received and other relevant data collected by Technology Services staff will be used to determine whether the University remains in complaince or if changes are needed. Any changes to the policy and/or procedures as a result of the review will take effect prior to the following academic year.

Legal Alternatives

Educause maintains a list of sites that offer legal alternatives for use of copyright protected materials. To view the list please click on the following link:

Educause Legal Alternatives

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