Other Violations

When the VCSU campus Information Technology Security Officer (ITSO) discovers or is otherwise notified of a Violation of NDUS Policy 1901.2 or the VCSU Addendum to 1901.2 the following procedures will be followed to help mitigate the event.
  • An individual who is responsible will be notified by email that a violation has occurred.
  • The individual will have 24 hours from the time the email is sent to meet with the VCSU ITSO and/or the Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • If the individual does not respond to the request within 24 hours, all network access will be suspended for the individual.
  • During the meeting the individual will be referred to VCSU student code of conduct and the appropriate NDUS and VCSU policies regarding the incident.
  • A formal letter of reprimend will be issued and placed in the individuals permanent file.
  • Additional sanctions may be imposed based on the severity of the violation and may include but not limited to suspension of some or all network resources for a period of time, suspension from the university or expulsion from the university.